Urs Beckmann – Rare jobs well done

A typical picture illustrating transformation is that of an oil tanker that shall steer into the future as a speed boat. Let us hold on to the picture and have a look at the bridge. A good pilot knows, the greatest challenge awaits him right at the beginning: the precise and ruthless insight into the actual corporate position. Exactly here it is where you must pick up the crew, not where they should have been.

Allegedly, I have a good turn for dealing with people. It is elementary to meet everybody on eye’s level, irrespective of whether on the bridge or in the engine room. Goal and benefit of a transformation need to be comprehensible. Using my experience in translation and transfer, i.e. recompiling and converting solutions, I can swiftly commit the crew towards the new course.

Every transformation requires leadership, irrespective of subject matter background. The organisation’s level of maturity is therefore pivotal. Even in distress situations, the task is to define the dawn towards the positive. Change means life. Even I transform myself anew on every mandate, tailored towards the specific client’s needs.