Urs Beckmann – Rare jobs well done

Cultural comprehension is eminently important. We do not refer to customs and manners here. That would be basics for tourists. The thought is foremost that an organogram or a process could be identical worldwide, yet the meaning is totally different.

In one culture it might serve as a marginal source of orientation, in another it is iron law. In one place you work in a top-down given framework, in another you develop a solution through participation. To recognise and appreciate these differences amongst cultures, is a diligent and principal task to me.

I go one step further when it is meant to attune differing cultures to a common plan of action and communication. When the conductor performs sufficient emphasis, even the most diverse orchestra will harmonise brilliantly. Intercultural diversity can be extremely productive. Assumed, one brings an interest in these differences to the table. That is exactly what I do.