Urs Beckmann – Rare jobs well done

My tasks as „Transformer“ have lead me to almost all continents and to most diverse corporations. One insight: key industries are good to find tools and methods, smart adaptations you preferably find in innovative mid-caps.

Each corporation is special, but never unique. The wheel of transformation doesn’t have to be reinvented each time. Technical matters are as manageable as methodical ones. 90 percent of those end-up becoming leadership issues. This leads back to me. I am deployable, irrespective of sector and industry, latest after two weeks on the job I will be on par.

I do not get engaged because of some in-depth expertise. That is always existent within the corporation anyway. And although industry or sector insights are often mentioned, they don’t cut it. What really speaks in Urs B. Beckmann’s favour is his understanding of the business model, the mandate and the respective goal. Even the corporate culture and the player’s relationships are more important than the industry.